Development of new methodology for 3D soil hydraulic property mapping and testing its application on the catchment of Lake Balaton


Map of soil hydraulic properties for the catchment of Lake Balaton

The database includes information on the soil water content at the most frequently used matric potential values for the 0-30, 30-60 and 60-90 cm depth.
Predicted values are available:
    a) PTF - with uncertainty: most probable value (*_M_50.tif), lower 5 % (*_L_5.tif) and upper 95 % (*_U_95.tif) of possible value, predicted with pedotransfer funcions,
    b) RFK - without uncertainty: most probable value derived with random forest combined with kriging.



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Data format:


Spatial coverage:

catchment of Lake Balaton (Hungary)



Saturated water content (PF0)
[cm³ cm⁻³] × 10000:
    a) with uncertainty
    b) without uncertainty

Water content at field capacity (PF2_5)
[cm³ cm⁻³] × 10000:
    a) with uncertainty
    b) without uncertainty

Water content at wilting point (PF4_2)
[cm³ cm⁻³] × 10000:
    a) with uncertainty
    b) without uncertainty


Coordinate Reference System:  

Projection: Hungarian Unified National Projection System (EPSG:23700)
Units: meter
Datum: Hungarian Datum 1972
Spheroid: GRS 1967


Reference of the dataset:

Szabó, B., Szatmári, G., Takács, K., Laborczi, A., Makó, A., Rajkai, K. & Pásztor, L. 2019.
Mapping soil hydraulic properties using random-forest-based pedotransfer functions and geostatistics.
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 23, 2615–2635,



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